Alteration Services

At Fat Hat Clothing Co., we are dedicated to a singular mission: creating women’s clothing that not only enhances your personal style but also empowers you to feel completely at ease. Whether it’s adjusting sleeve lengths, modifying sizes, or even recreating a beloved item from your past, we are committed to going above and beyond to meet your individual needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering a truly personalized experience, starting with our extensive range of sizes. From extra-small to 1XL, and every fit in between, we ensure that every woman can find the perfect fit that flatters her body shape and celebrates her natural beauty. We understand that true comfort lies in clothing that fits like a second skin, allowing you to move with confidence and grace.


At Fat Hat Clothing Co., we believe that every woman deserves clothing that reflects her true self and enables her to embrace her individuality. Join us on this journey of self-expression, where the perfect fit and exceptional customer service merge to create an unparalleled shopping experience.