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Cure for the Common Clothes

Designed in Vermont. Made in the USA…on purpose

About F.H. Clothing Co.

Every garment from F.H.Clothing Co is meticulously designed right here in our big old barn in Quechee, Vt. To us, clothing is more than just fabric. It’s an expression of one’s unique style and personality. Whether you prefer trendy, classic or one-of-a-kind pieces, we have something to suit your every mood. Join the countless women who have fallen head over heels for our clothing over the 44 years we’ve been creating clothing.

Although we’re fondly known as Fat Hat to customers all over the country… our official name is F.H.Clothing Co.

We always make sure to sew at least one thread of good humor into each new item we make… and if one day, when you’re wearing our clothing, you break out into an uncontrollable smile, perhaps it’s because you’ve touched that one strong thread that holds us all together.

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We know how perfect they are, how well they fit, and how often you look for them,
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How to Buy F.H. Clothing

Shop In-Person

Visit our fabulous Quechee, Vermont store.

Call Our "Clothes Whisperers"

Shop with a stylist from the comfort of your own home.

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Locate a local F.H Clothing Co. retailer in your area.

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Buy a limited selection of our customer favorites online.